Yakasugi, the ancient Japanese method of wood treatment, involves the charring of wooden boards which gives the wood an outer protective charcoal layer as well as an inner moisture resistant layer resulting from the thermal modification of the outer layer of the wood.

After charring, the boards are then oiled with Woca exterior oil which gives them a smooth and firm surface finish.  After oiling, the charred boards are completely weather resistant and will remain rot free without changing their colour or appearance during a life-span of up to 80 years.


Charring then brushing is the technique of brushing away the charcoal with a strong wire brush after the charring process which results in the wood grains becoming more pronounced. This surface is then oiled with Woca exterior oil which further highlights the wood’s natural structure as well as giving it a strong protective outer layer.

Charred and Brushed boards are suitable for use as cladding panels as well as exterior decking.