Ekland Wood is a family owned business which specializes in supplying wood cladding and decking solutions for residential and commercial buildings in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Our company is an authorized distributer for Thermory, a leading manufacturer of thermally modified wood solutions. Thermally modified wood is the result of chemical-free steam treatment which makes it resistant to rot and more dimensionally stable. The process also results in the wood changing to a deep brown colour depending on the level of heat intensity used.

Thermory’s pine is sourced from responsibly managed forests and bears the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This means that it is chemical free and is extremely durable when used outdoors. White ash is sourced from North America and Europe with criteria being based highest quality and lowest environmental impact.

We work with architects and interior designers throughout Scandinavia and the United Kingdom where responsibly sourced wood products are finding greater popularity for homes and public buildings alike.


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If you are looking for a durable and stable material suitable for outdoor use, thermo-ash should be strongly considered due to its resistance to rot and its dimensional stability. Ash is also an ideal choice for those who care about the environment and wish to reduce their ecological footprint.

Thermo-ash is an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods because our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The wood we sell does not originate from endangered forests, tropical forests or rainforests.


Thermo-pine combines the rustic appearance of regular pine with a more long lasting and durable result.

Thermal modification increases the biological durability of pine (Class 2), which is extremely important for outdoor use.

Thermally modified wood has a lower moisture absorption capability and rate and less moisture-induced deformation as a result. It is therefore a great choice for outdoor use.


Clear pine is the most knot-free among softwoods with high levels of rot resistance (Class 2 durability rating of 20+ years). Thermory thermo clear pine is commonly used for wall cladding as it is knotless and weather resistant in all climates.

Thermal modification increases the biological durability of Clear pine (Class 2), which is extremely important outdoors. Heat treatment of the wood lowers its moisture absorption capability which makes it rot resistant making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.


Thermo-spruce offers a softwood solution with exceptional rot resistance (Class 1 durability rating of 25+ years) and longevity combined with rustic knots and a naturally light colour.

Thermo-spruce gives a façade a natural rustic look that will last for decades. Spruce wood acquires excellent weather resistance and biological durability as a result of thermal modification as well as a naturally beautiful light golden tone.