Ash Flooring

Thermory thermo-ash flooring is supplied unfinished giving you the choice of oils and lacquers to achieve your preferred aesthetic.

Ash flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems due to its stability from its thermal modification. For additional stability our engineered 245 mm width boards consist of thermo-ash on a base of high quality plywood.

This type of flooring is suitable for high traffic areas including hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings.

Profiles: 245 mm width x 18 mm thickness

Thermory Ash Industrial Flooring

Thermory Industrial flooring is suitable for both homes and high traffic areas such as sports clubs and public places. This flooring consists of solid hardwood strips of 14 x 20 mm held together by transparent tape. These squares can be glued down with regular parquet glue.

The flooring is already sanded and so after the installation only oil or lacquer is needed.

Thermory thermo-ash industrial flooring is available in both dark and light brown colour options.

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