Thermally modified pine combines the rustic appearance of regular pine with a more long lasting and durable result. Thermal modification increases the biological durability of pine (Class 2), which is extremely important for outdoor use.

Thermally modified wood has a lower moisture absorption capability rate and less moisture-induced deformation as a result. It is therefore a great choice for outdoor use. The modification process adds a beautiful golden brown tone to pine.

In addition to being durable, pine is environmentally friendly as the thermal modification is chemical-free and the waste generated is not harmful to the environment. Pine is sourced from responsibly managed forests, is free of chemicals and is extremely durable when used outdoors.

Colour age evolution of pine,
without oiling

Pine Colour Evolution Chart

Naturally light colour, distinctive knots with the highest level of rot resistance (Class 2 durability rating of 20+ years) in the softwood market.

Origin: Scandinavia

Applications: Decking and cladding

Surface Finishes: Planed, Brushed, Sawn

Oiling: Pre-oiled boards are available

COLOUR AGEING EVOLUTION: Sunlight and rain impact the speed at which products age. When left untreated pine will age to a platinum grey colour.