Clear pine is the most knot-free among softwoods with high levels of rot resistance. (Class 2 durability rating of 20+ years) Thermally modified knot-free pine is commonly used for wall cladding as it is knotless and weather resistant in all climates.

Thermal modification increases the biological durability of Clear pine (class 2), which is extremely important outdoors. Heat treatment of the wood lowers its moisture absorption capability which makes it rot resistant making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

In addition to being durable, our thermally modified Clear pine is environmentally friendly as thermal modification is chemical-free and the waste generated is not harmful to the environment. Thermal modification also adds a beautiful golden brown tone to Clear pine.

Colour age evolution of clear pine,
without oiling

When correct installation techniques have been used, thermally modified Clear pine is resistant to rot for up to 25 years. To ensure better durability, we recommend treating wall cladding made of Clear pine prior to installation with oil on all four sides.

Origin: New Zealand

Applications: Cladding

Surface Finishes: Planed, Brushed.

Oiling: Pre-oiled boards are available.

COLOUR AGEING EVOLUTION: Sunlight and rain impact the speed at which our products age. When left untreated our ash will age to a platinum grey colour.