Fire Retardant Treatment

Fire Retardant Treatment for wood cladding

Ekland Wood offers thermally modified spruce and pine cladding with fire retardant properties in collaboration with Woodsafe Timber Protection.

The product we are using is Woodsafe Exterior WFX which is certified Fire Class B, Bs1, d0 (s2), the highest Euroclass for combustible materials. Woodsafe WFX is also classified as non-hazardous to health or the environment.

Fire protection is created to a fixed depth on all 6 sides of each board in a monitored vacuum chamber with a high temperature curing process. The certification is EN16755 EXT and Classified ASTM D2898 for impregnation of wood against fire in an exterior environment without a protective paint layer.

The use of Exterior WFX will not change the texture or the colour shade of the wood cladding and the lifespan is estimated to be 30 years or longer.

Further technical information can be found in the files below: